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Admin Application

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Admin Application

Post  Aim4Glory on Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:53 pm

Name: Chris
Age: Im 14
Country: Canada
Desired position: Administrator
Languages you speak: English, and a little bit of french

Website: I currently don't have one because i don't feel it's necessary for me to make one

Coding Languages you know: none
Coding Experience: I don't know any coding, but my brother know some C++, and he could teach me.
Coding Softwares you use: Note Pad and Visual Basic, those are the ones installed on my lap top at the moment

Designing Experience: Ive had about 5 months experience with blender, and maybe 10 days of experience with photoshop.
Designing Softwares you use: Blender, and Photoshop
Online Gallery/Portfolio: None, but here is one of my first photoshop signatures, i know it's bad.

Do you know how to create .ani files? No sorry
Do you know how to create .elu files? Of course... i need ot know how , to export it ingame
Have you got Photoshop? Yes have had it for a while now.
Do you have nVidia DDS plug-ins? Yes, a friend installed it for me, so i could export my retextured clothes ingame
Do you know how to unpack/pack a .mrs file? Yes, it's very easy, ive known how for a long time
Do you know how to encrypt .mrs file? I have an idea
Do you know how to work with Hex Workshop? No, but i have an idea of how to use it.
Do you know how to edit XML files? Yes
I don't know anything about map making, other then you can use GTK radient to make them.

3D Modeling Experience: about 5 months experience
3D Modeling Softwares you use: blender.. and i use photoshop cs3 to turn some images into pngs so i can get the textures to show up ingame.
Online 3D Gallery URL:

Personality: Im funny, i tend to talk alot when im bored, when im busy i won't tell you im busy but i won't talk much.. so you kinda will know. In general im Open to New Experiences,Conscientious, Extraverted, Agreeable, Calm / Relaxed
Do you speak English well?: Yes it's my main language
Communication ability: Im almost always on msn, so you could contact me around 12 hours a day.
Are you mature? : I think im very mature, i handle situations in a very respective, and calm matter.

Pros: Um im somewhat lazy, but im open to new ideas... I can create decent models using blender.
Cons: Um when im tict off, im kind of closed minded
Do you know anything about database setup, MySQL server or WAMP: Yes i know a bit of this through youtube turtorials.
Do you have TeamViewer? Yes version 4

Why do you want to apply for that position?: Because i think i could make some good contributions to the team. Also I like to have fun and increase the amount of fun other players have, and i think being a administrator helps to achieve this.
Anything else: I know how to use the admin panel, i know that's one of the requirments, and i know the ingame staff commands.
Thank you for reading my application.


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Re: Admin Application

Post  NinjaYoshi on Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:17 pm



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